S01E08 – Social Media Clarity Podcast: Randy Farmer on why users always find a way to create objectionable content

In the latest episode of the Social Media Clarity podcast host Randy Farmer tells an industry story about the inevitability of end users creating content that offends someone.  The post was originally on Randy’s blog at http://habitatchronicles.com/ and describes the effort to create a safe social space that would make offensive content creation all but impossible.  He imagines a universal law of content creation: users will find a way.  The result is “BlockChat” – a hypothetical minimal social media system designed in the hope of removing all objectionable content from the system, which inevitably fails.  Randy Farmer’s story is about community moderation issues for early kid-centric virtual worlds but it applies to any collection of content and people. He read’s from his 2007 Habitat Chronicles blog post: The Untold History of Toontown’s SpeedChat (or BlockChat(tm) from Disney finally arrives).

Disney’s Hercworld, Toontown, and BlockChat(tm) – S01E08

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