June 1, 2015: Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in New York City

Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit Banner

There will be a NodeXL social media network analysis training session at the Consumer Goods Sales and Marketing Summit in New York City on June 1, 2015.


2010 Workshop on Information in Networks, September 24-25 at NYU

The Second Workshop on Information in Networks
September 24-25, 2010, New York City

Sponsored in part by the Initiative on Information in Networks
Organizers: Sinan Aral, Foster Provost, Arun Sundararajan

The second Workshop on Information in Networks (WIN10) will be held this year September 24-25, 2010, again in New York City. From the program description:

“Last year’s workshop brought together a small yet influential community around topics that at their core involve ‘information in networks‘—its distribution, its diffusion, its value, and its influence on social and economic outcomes. Scholars from fields as diverse as computer science, economics, information systems, marketing, physics, political science and sociology came together to lay the foundation for ongoing relationships and to build a multidisciplinary research community. This year’s workshop will build on this foundation toward bringing more innovative content and vibrant discussion to the forum. Speakers will share their recent research, which may have been published elsewhere, but which may not be widely known outside of their own disciplines. The workshop will combine invited and contributed talks with poster presentations selected from a pool of submitted abstracts. We hope the energy of New York City will inspire the gathering, and that our participants will leave with new ideas and a renewed sense of community.”

Ben Shneiderman and Jenny Preece will speak about their work on social media applied to national priorities with a talk titled: “Promoting National Initiatives for Technology-Mediated Social Participation“.  The talk includes their work creating NSF workshops on Technology-Mediated Social Participation (www.tmsp.umd.edu), the paper Reader-to-Leader Framework: Motivating technology-mediated social participation (which appeared in the AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction in March 2009), and recent work with the Encyclopedia of Life (www.eol.org), and  NodeXL projects.  Here is the abstract.

WIN10 speakers include:
Ron Burt, University of Chicago
Nicholas Christakis, Harvard University
Nathan Eagle, MIT
Sanjeev Goyal, Cambridge University
Matthew Jackson, Stanford University
Jenny Preece, University of Maryland
Ben Shneiderman, University of Maryland
Tony Jebara, Columbia University
David Jensen, University of Massachussetts
Michael Kearns, University of Pennsylvania
Rachel Kranton, Duke University
David Lazer, Northeastern University
Mark Newman, University of Michigan (tentative)
Alex Sandy Pentland, MIT
Alessandro Vespignani, Indiana University
Stanley Wasserman, Indiana University
Duncan Watts, Yahoo! Research

June 3 and 4, 2010 – Personal Democracy Forum 2010 – NYC

I spoke on June 4th at the Personal Democracy Forum in New York City about what social media network maps can tell us about various political figures and topics.

The video is available here: http://streams.civicolive.com/stream/127/5040/6000.

Political discussions are obviously a major area of social media use. This talk explores the ways social network analysis and visualization can be applied to mapping discussions of political issues and topics. It features a number of NodeXL generated visualizations of twitter crowds and networks that form around topics like the conference hashtag #PDF2010 (and #PDF10) as well as political and current event relevant terms.

I was also interviewed by Deb Berman from JustMeans.com after the presentation to describe the NodeXL project a bit more:

Here are some sample images of NodeXL topic network maps from the talk:

2010 - June - 3 - NodeXL - Twitter - PDF2010

2010 – June – 3 – NodeXL – Twitter – PDF2010: This map represents the connections among people who tweeted the term “PDF2010”.  It illustrates the people in the “center” and the sub-clusters in the map.  People who occupy “bridge” locations are visible as well.

2010 - June 1 - NodeXL - Twitter - #tcot_

2010 – June 1 – NodeXL – Twitter – #tcot: This is a map of the “Top Conservatives on Twitter” tag. It has a large dominant cluster and a tiny sub group of tcot critics.

2010 - June 1 - NodeXL - Twitter - #p2

2010 – June 1 – NodeXL – Twitter – #p2: The #p2 hashtag is used by “Progressive 2.0” discussions.  It features a clear dominant cluster of supporters and a smaller cluster of skeptics made up largely of conservatives.

PDF2010 at CUNY

Outside the CUNY Graduate Center auditorium during PDF2010.

Clay Shirky speaks at PDF2010

Clay Shirky’s talk was great: it wove together stories of collective action for good and trivial purposes that framed a call to increase the costs of political activity on the net rather than reduce as a way to improve the impact of contribution rather than their mere scale.

Howard Rheingold at PDF 2010

Howard Rheingold’s discussion with Micha Sifry was insightful, focusing on the ways the Internet can lull us into a lack of mindfullness. A Mindfull approach, Howard encourages, is one where we are not as easily pulled into random tangents and drift aimlessly from link to link and click to click.

Craig Newmark at PDF2010

Craig Newmark

Marc Smith and Craig Newmark at PDF2010 dinner

Marc Smith and Craig Newmark