October 28, 2013 Social Media Clarity Podcast S01E06 The origin of Avatars, MMOs, and Freemium

The origin of Avatars, MMOs, and FreemiumS01E06
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October 28, 2013 Social Media Clarity Podcast

An interview with Chip Morningstar (and podcast hosts: Randy Farmer and Scott Moore) who created and ran the first MMOs/Virtual Worlds. This segment focuses on the emergent social phenomenon encountered the first time people used avatars with virtual currency, and artificial scarcity.

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Network layout game: minimize edge crossings

Jordi Comas at Bucknell University just mentioned this cool application on the SOCNET social network analysis discussion email list and I think it is worth a repeat: here is a great game that challenges you to find arrangements of nodes to minimize all edge crossings.


Not a bad way to spend a few moments appreciating the challenges of optimally laying out a graph!