Path and Component Metrics, new in NodeXL v.

NodeXL has updated again (v. with new network metrics.  The application now calculates path length data for your network, reporting the Maximum Geodesic Distance and the Average Geodesic Distance.  The list of overall metrics NodeXL creates includes: Vertices (the number of nodes in the graph), Unique Edges, Edges With Duplicates, Total Edges, Self-Loops (Edges that point back at the node from which they originate), Connected Components (each set of connected nodes that are not connected to another set of nodes), Single-Vertex Connected Components (all the “singletons” of just one node in a component), Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component (the size of the “Giant” component), Maximum Edges in a Connected Component (the density of the “Giant” component), Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter) (the longest path that can be uniquely walked through the graph), Average Geodesic Distance (the average distance between two nodes in the graph (compare this to the “six degrees” standard), Graph Density (the density of the complete network).

More metrics and details on existing metrics are on the way!

What metrics do you need?