7 thoughts on “How to schedule the creation of a network with NodeXL and Windows Task Scheduler

  1. Correct: we collect all the tweets in the query results in the NodeXL workbook. Combined with the Automate feature, this can allow for the regular collection and processing of many network graphs without human intervention.


  2. Hi Marc. I was wondering if this method could be adapted to be used to pull a number of tweets (not necessarily the relationships between users) from selected Twitter accounts on a schedule?

    I’ve tried out the various versions (search, user, list) and it seems to work well for individual users or to pull the most recent tweet from users in a list. But I just can’t seem to adapt it to get the data I need.

    For the study I want to do, I’d need to be able to capture say 10 tweets a day from around 40 specific accounts for a two month period. Do you have any suggestions on how (or if) I could use NodeXL do that?

  3. Hi Marc
    Please can you make a copy of SampleNetworkConfiguration.xml available for download from this page?
    Much appreciated.

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