7 thoughts on “How to plot a network in a “polar” layout using NodeXL

  1. Additional rings are added by incrementing the “Ring (or Vertex Polar R)” value and providing a “Rotation (or Vertex Polar Angle)” measure to determine where along the ring the vertex should be placed.

  2. Very helpful. I understand how the rings are layers away from the center vertex. But I am confused about rotation. You use increments of 10. Let’s say that I want to make 5 layers of rings and have each outer ring’s vertices evenly dispersed across the 360 degrees of the circle. I am thinking of inputing a formula into the rotation field to say for all vertices in ring X, divide that count by 360 and that would be the value. But seeing how you’re using increments of 10 I am not sure I should be using 360 as the denominator. Should it be 100? Hope this makes sense, thank you!

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