6 thoughts on “Group-in-a-box – a new layout option in NodeXL (v.164)

  1. Thanks for the interest in NodeXL!

    Groups can be defined in a variety of ways. NodeXL offers 3 versions of clustering algorithm to choose from (Wakita and Tsurumi, Clauset Newman Moore, and Girvan Newman). Users may also define clusters manually based on any share vertex attribute. Groups can also be made equal to the connected components in the network graph.


  2. Hi Marc,

    I would like to be able to manually layout and size the boxes rather than having them ‘sorted according to box size’.

    Is there a way of doing this – or some workaround to achieve it which you can think of?


  3. Hi Marc,

    Thank you for your help earlier! I succeed ;), but now I have the same question as Sam Holdes.

    Is there a way to manually layout the size and the position of an box?



  4. Hello! Thank you for the interest in NodeXL.

    Q: “Is there a way to manually layout the size and the position of an box?”

    A: Not yet. Boxes are fixed in order by the number of nodes they contain.

    We do plan updates that will offer alternative orderings of the boxes which is intended to reduce edge crossing, but we do not now have plans for user control over box size and position.


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