Podcast: Social Media Clarity S01E12: Listener question – best sources for social media insights?

2014-Social Media Clarity - Hosts

In the latest Social Media Clarity podcast hosts Randy Farmer (@frandallfarmer), Scott Moore (@scottmoore) and I (@marc_smith) respond to our first listener question from Ryan Crowe (@doctorcrowe) of Twilio who asks:

“Where do you guys read about social media? Do you have different resources for different aspects, for example community management, building a proper network, contact research, etc.?”

The resources I use to keep up to date on social media management issues that I mention in the podcast include:

Sunbelt Conference – International Network for Social Network Analysts annual meeting
Strata Conference – O’Reilly conference on Big Data
ICWSM, the International Conference on Web Blogs and Social Media
Duncan Watts – Sociologist and social media network researcher at Microsoft Research

Hear the rest from Scott and Randy on the podcast or read the transcript.

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