April 24-25, 2014: TheNextWeb – Amsterdam – NodeXL talk about mapping social media networks


I spoke at TheNextWeb 2014 in Amsterdam on April 25th.

Here is a map of the connections among the people who recently tweeted the terms: tnwconference OR #TNWEurope OR thenextweb

This is a highly fragmented “Brand” network pattern with several prominent Broadcast hub and spoke structures centered around the most central participants: @thenextweb, @ow, @epro, @nicolasfordham, @gcouros, @malchord, @martinsfp, @plagia3, @k5launch, @taxion2.

I spoke about how anyone who can make a pie chart can now make these network maps and reports.

Interested in a map for a topic important to you?  Request a free sample NodeXL social media network map and report.

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Podcast: Social Media Clarity S01E13: Howard Rheingold talks about social media literacy

2014-Social Media Clarity - Hosts

In the latest Social Media Clarity podcast, hosts Randy Farmer (@frandallfarmer) and Scott Moore (@scottmoore) and  I (@marc_smith) interview Howard Rheingold (@hrheingold) about his work on network literacy.


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