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Book: Ways of Knowing in HCI (Kellogg and Olson, editors) Chapter on SNA and HCI

June 8th, 2014 by Marc Smith · 5 Comments

2014-Ways of Knowing in HCI - Olson and Kellogg

A new book edited by Wendy Kellogg and Judy Olson is now available.  Ways of Knowing in HCI is a collection of chapters on the subject of methods and theories that frame Human Computer Interaction studies.

I co-authored a chapter in the book with Professor Derek Hansen from Brigham Young University on the role social network analysis can play in Human Computer Interaction.

2014-Ways of Knowing in HCIL - Network visualization
A social network consisting of Twitter users (nodes) who have Tweeted the word “global warming” connected to one another based on Follow, Reply, or Mention relationships (edges). Nodes are assigned different colors based on clusters. Hubs with many followers are indicated by size.

The chapter outline:


A Brief History of Social Network Analysis

Social Network Analysis and Human-Computer Interaction

Goals of Social Network Analysis for HCI Researchers and Practitioners

1) Inform the design and implementation of new CSCW systems
2) Understand and improve current CSCW systems
3) Evaluate impact of CSCW system on social relationships
4) Design novel CSCW systems and features using SNA methods
5) Answer fundamental social science questions

Social Network Analysis Questions

Questions about Individual Social Actors
Questions about Overall Network Structure
Questions about Network Dynamics and Flows

Performing Social Network Analysis

Identify Goals & Research Questions
Collect Data
Sources of Network Data
Types of Social Networks
Representing Network Data

Three ways of representing network data

How to Analyze and Visualize Data
Network Analysis Tools
Commonly Used Network Analysis and Visualization Tools

Node-Specific Metrics: Focusing on the Trees

Common Centrality Metrics

Aggregate Network Metrics: Focusing on the Forest

Common Aggregate Network Metrics

Network Clusters & Motifs: Focusing on the Thickets

Network Dynamics and Information Flow

What Constitutes Good Work



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