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#occupywallstreet NodeXL SNA Twitter Map for 8 October 2011

October 8th, 2011 by Marc Smith · 1 Comment

The #Occupywallstreet movement is growing and lots of activity is taking place in social media.  Here is a map of the connections among the people who recently tweeted the term “#occupywallstreet” on 8 October 2011.


Each user is scaled by numbers of followers (with outliers thresholded). Connections created when users reply, mention or follow one another.


A larger version of the image is here:…

Top most between users:

Graph Metric: Value
Graph Type: Directed
Vertices: 1000
Unique Edges: 3835
Edges With Duplicates: 916
Total Edges: 4751
Self-Loops: 1109
Connected Components: 311
Single-Vertex Connected Components: 301
Maximum Vertices in a Connected Component: 678
Maximum Edges in a Connected Component: 4327
Maximum Geodesic Distance (Diameter): 9
Average Geodesic Distance: 3.283708
Graph Density: 0.003408408
NodeXL Version:

More NodeXL network visualizations are here:

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